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Binary 234 AES/EBU MKII

Swinging with your girlfriend...

like Tarzan in the jungle. With this cable you could just do that: it can take a lot of tugging, bending, and rough wear and tear. This is important when installing it in sharp-edged lighting trusses. The Binary 234 AES/EBU MKII is an outstanding cable for the transmission of digital signals in the 110 Ω AES/EBU and DMX data format. Its shielding is provided by an aluminum-vaporised fleece and a helical copper mesh screen with 100 % coverage. So it offers a very good protection against electric and magnetic interferences. This cable ensures an error-free data transfer over distances of up to 1000 metres. With the Binary 234 AES/EBU MKII you’ll be on the safe side.


  • AES/EBU- and DMX-conformant, highly flexible
  • Very good shielding due to the use of a helical copper mesh screen plus an aluminium-vaporised fleece
  • Extremely rugged due to the special tough jacket
  • Only a little more expensive than a standard microphone cable


  • Networking of scanners, lighting systems, digital mixing consoles etc.
  • For indoor and outdoor installation
  • Connection of digital audio amplifiers, DAT recorders etc.

SC-Isopod SO-F22 (grey)

The memory cable...

Will get things in order. In switching cabinets and racks it often looks like on grandma's knitting pattern. Tidiness is indispensable. The SC-ISOPOD SO-F22D is a 2-wire, foil-shielded cable with a compact outer diameter of 3,30 mm. The cable is primarily used for the internal wiring in audio and hi-fi components. It has a “memory effect“ and can be laid “around the corner“ easily. The Cu wires of the individual wire pairs are already pre-stranded and very easy to strip. For a simpler assembly, the cable has an additional pre-stranded, tin-plated drain wire. It is shielded by an AL/PT foil that will automatically stick on the jacket when stripping it. The SC-ISOPOD SO-F22D has a surge impedance of 110 Ω.


  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Robust plastic jacket for long life
  • Easy to lay thanks to “memory effect”


  • Internal wiring of racks, audio and hifi components